Joseph G. Hadeed, Ph.D.

I am often asked why I chose to become a psychologist. I grew up in a family system that placed value on helping others, especially during their times of need and struggles. I saw firsthand how devastating pain and suffering can be, and I saw how the care of even one person can make a difference. There are many ways we can help, but I learned that the most caring way to help others is to be in the present moment with them when they are struggling. I truly believe that caring for another person is a privilege, and to know that I can make a difference in their healing is a life principle I value greatly. It is for this reason, I chose to become a psychologist, not only to use my professional skills to help others, but also through compassionate care to be of service during times of suffering.

During my over 30 years of practice, I have seen what people can do and how much they can heal when they commit themselves to changing their lives. I have had the privilege of working with so many incredible people who, through their commitment to therapy, have changed the course of their future. None of us can change past events, but we can all create a new future that honors the lives we want to live.

I have the utmost respect for anyone who seeks therapy, and who is willing to be vulnerable, trusting, and courageous. I see therapy as not just a time to talk, but as a platform for change and healing. When we hurt and feel alone and misunderstood, we want to know that there is someone who cares, who can help, and who really “gets us” and gives us the tools and hope we need.

Just as people are different, so is each therapeutic relationship. I make every attempt to understand what each person seeking therapy needs, and then tailor treatment to hopefully meet his/her needs. It is for this reason that I use a number of treatment approaches, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, problem-solving, and psychodynamic therapy when needed.

Having grown up bi-cultural and respecting persons of diversity, I work with a wide range of client populations representing people of diverse backgrounds. I respect individual differences greatly. Many of the clients I tend to see present with depression and/or anxiety, including panic disorder. I also work with clients presenting with trauma, past and present, and with life stressors and transitions, to name a few.

Many people place their faith and hope in their circumstances or in the world around them, only to find themselves stuck in their life, feeling defeated and hopeless. I see change being personal and starting with the individual himself/herself. I think it is important for each person to be an advocate in their own world, while always maintaining a sense of hope and confidence. If I can facilitate the healing process through therapy, it would be my joy and my honor. Sometimes, hope does not come from removing our struggles, but rather, it comes from knowing that we can endure through it.

I am accepting new clients, and I am on almost all insurance panels. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you, if you decide to seek therapy with me. I believe that, together, we can work towards healing and a better quality of life.

Jason Blei, M.Ed., LMFT, CMHS
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Our brains are by far the most complex organs in our bodies, yet when we lack the skill to heal our own emotional pains, how quick we are to torture ourselves while avoiding specialized assistance. I am a licensed Couples and Family Therapist with more than 10 years of experience helping individuals and families. Our office provides the safety and support, the therapy provides the tools for growth, the healing and change are your own. As a facilitator of your process I honor the time people devote towards growth, enhancing relationships, and introspection. I look forward to working with you.

Individual Therapy: I strive to understand the individual within the context of their lives. I provide a respectful, nonjudgmental, confidential space to process interpersonal difficulties, grief & loss, depression & anxiety, anger issues, past trauma and current adjustment challenges. As a supervisor and trainer of crisis intervention I am well accustomed suicide intervention, assessment and the treatment of mental health. We will observe the role of the past while facilitating the change you seek for the future.

Couples Counseling: When unique individuals make the brave decision to meld their lives with an intimate partner, challenges are to be expected. The demands of work, finances, family, and the maintenance of daily living increases the potential for mis-understandings and relational dysfunction. Looking at one’s self through the eyes of your partner requires a process separate from individual or family therapy. Through the utilization of Gottman Method Couples Therapy I will assess and address relational challenges so couples can learn how to manage and deepen their own relations.

Family Interventions: As a licensed family therapist I have been providing community-based Family Preservation Services (FPS) for de-stabilized families for several years. I am accustomed in meeting with multiple family members, mediating and defusing conflicts, and helping family members approach each other differently. It is through the process of a facilitated mutual understanding that relationships become enhanced every day at our office. Making that investment takes courage and a commitment to move past the maintenance of living and getting back to building a life together, celebrating accomplishments and while planning for the future.

$145 per 50 minute session, $175 for intake, $175.00 for 60 minute session.
Ask about accepted insurance. Can bill for out of network benefits as well.
Sliding scale: Case-by-case basis (limited)
Free phone consultation upon request.

Christina M. Hadeed, M.S.
Professional Counselor Associate

The human mind is an inspiring and wonderful thing. I am fascinated by its complexity, adaptability, and resiliency, and am humbled by the opportunity to be a part of the process of positive change and growth in the minds and lives of each person who allows me to do so.

I hold a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling and am working now as a registered counseling intern. I could not have asked for better educators, as I was able to gain such valuable knowledge from my time with them. I am excited to learn about each and every one of you as we go together on your journey toward mental and emotional well-being.

I utilize mainly cognitive-behavioral approaches in therapy where we work together on exploring how beliefs and thoughts affect emotions and how these affect a person’s behavior. I have a person-centered viewpoint in counseling in which I believe in the inherent worth of the person sitting with me regardless of background or the reason for counseling. Because each person is different and might have different needs, I do not hold to a one-size-fits-all approach to counseling. I believe that the best approach is a collaborative one and, therefore, would like for us to work together to come up with the most effective and client-empowering strategies to meet the goals we have set.

I am currently providing counseling services via Teleheath as well as in person. I look forward to working with you, and I am honored to be a part of your journey toward positive change and well-being.

$100.00 for Intake, $80.00 for 50 minute session.